Why CorNine

Being in the heart of the Canadian Prairies positions CorNine Commodities to be able to access and source top quality grain and pulses direct from producers throughout Western Canada, (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta). This means we bring the top quality grain right from the farmer's bins to our customers to ensure Canadian Origin product for our ever expanding group of export buyers. With our experienced marketing team we are able to provide our customers with the confidence that "what you ask for is what you get!"

With a state of the art, in-house grading system, we are able to accurately test samples for quality, consistency and provide convenience for our customers. This way, we can ensure that we can offer top-quality commodities to our customers.


Our History

CorNine Group of Companies entered into the grain industry in 2013, acquiring Eisses Grain Marketing from Eisses Trucking Ltd in July of that year. Since 2013 there have been several important milestones that describe what we come from and help show our direction;

  • 2014-CorNine Group of Companies launches CorNine Commodities Ltd, a company aimed at developing overseas markets and exporting Western Canadian grains to markets abroad.

  • 2015- CorNine group of companies continued its focus in the agriculture industry with the purchase of farmland on the outskirts of Lacombe, Alberta, Canada.

  • 2017- CorNine establishes a grain storage facility at the farm site in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada. This gave local producers a delivery outlet for their grain. 

Throughout all the strategic acquisitions and growth CorNine Group of Companies have continued to operate and be headquartered in Lacombe, Alberta Canada with satellite offices in Ponoka and the Middle East.

Our Team

Export Team

  • Onsy- Business Development Manager
  • Steven 

Grain Buying Team

  • Jonathan
  • Brandon
  • Travis
  • Kelly


  • Jay


  • Marilyn 
  • Katy
  • Carmen
  • Leanne